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Transcour Limo

Orlando, FL, United States
Last Updated: 25 Jun 2018
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Anonymous User
  09 June 2020

On time and friendly driver

It was all very good

Anonymous User
  01 June 2020

After booking & paying online, company cancelled at last minute to take a larger party who needed both limos. They dropped me because of the larger party willing to pay more money. ?

Anonymous User
  28 April 2020

Terrible- they failed to refund a canceled service due to COVID!


Anonymous User
  27 March 2020

Absolutely excellent and such a pleasant driver!!!

Anonymous User
  09 February 2020


Anonymous User
  07 February 2020

Excellent- top knotch

I think the price is a bit high

Anonymous User
  31 January 2020

Amazing!!! Our driver was so nice and very good driving!!!

Anonymous User
  27 January 2020

Limo never showed. They said it was canceled and they left a message but never received it. I had 7 unhappy teenagers. They offered a different limo that was twice as big and would take 2 hours to get there. No discount . Declined.

Very unprofessional. They said they called and canceled the reservation and let us know. We received no phone call from them or messages letting us know of this cancelation. When I asked them why I received a reminder the day before and that it was still a go they couldn't answer me. After that, they offered me an 18 seater when all we wanted was enough for 7 people. I would have to pay the 18 seater price and it would take another 2 hours before they even got to our house. Very disappointed with the company. Will not use again. I had 7 unhappy teenagers for my daughter's 16th birthday. I will make sure and let everyone know not to use them.

Anonymous User
  22 January 2020


Anonymous User
  21 January 2020

Very good


Anonymous User
  15 January 2020

Friendly service, on time, responsive and great vehicle that all added to the evening

Anonymous User
  12 January 2020


Anonymous User
  02 January 2020

super driver, Michelle, to airport. super return driver courtny, great over all.

waving goodbye to our new friends the drivers.

Anonymous User
  02 January 2020

Very convenient group transportation for the holidays.

Size f limo was tight for ten adults. Difficult getting in and out of the limo, not able to access all three doors.

1 review
64.79 miles travelled
  30 December 2019

Driver was awesome! Very friendly


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Anonymous User
  25 December 2019

Exceptional driver


Anonymous User
  15 December 2019


Everything. The driver was beyond rude. Told me that everything that happened was MY FAULT. I am the customer and that is NOT how you should treat your customers. When i asked for his name he told me not to worry about that. He rudely asked me to ready him my confirmation email from the day before and asked what the Order Status said. I stated it said “waiting” and was such a jerk and smart mouth said to me what does waiting mean. I have girls 9-11 years of age with me, using this ride as their great job for making it to nationals and that rude jerk ruined their whole experience. What tops this is I am an event planner and was very pleased with the service and pricing BEFORE pick up. I was pretty excited with adding them to my list of great vendors with great ratings. After this, I will not recommend this company not even to my enemies. The driver wouldn’t even give me his name but I do have a picture of the driver just for this reason alone. When the manager called me a few minutes after wards said that he was a great driver and a great employee to the company, as a business owner I wouldn’t want this employee working for me. This is how companies lose customers. I am beyond disgusted with the whole situation not only that, I am a female and this driver kept coming at me in such a rude and disrespectful manner. My other coach’s had me step aside to calm me down, and instead of him speaking with them when they were talking to him, he completely went around them and came at me with his comments. Honestly in the end that part that I am the MOST disappointed about it is the fact that my 5 cheerleaders were so excited for the limo ride. They had talked about it all week. They told their teachers, their friends, their classmates and family members. My heart hurt seeing how much this situation upset them. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to make any of this better.

Anonymous User
  27 November 2019

Better than what was expected, Super Driver

No water or snacks for the drive.

Anonymous User
  15 November 2019

The driver and vehicle were perfect.

1 review
61.45 miles travelled
  12 November 2019

The service was excellent in every way.

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