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Anonymous User
  31 May 2023

A safe and easy way to travel

Anonymous User
  25 September 2022

It was great thank you

Anonymous User
  08 July 2020

Все было отлично. Не к чему придраться.

1 review
14.12 miles travelled
  01 May 2020

Excellent service

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Anonymous User
  12 February 2020

Everything perfect except driver came in small car.

He came in a very small car. Like VW Polo for 2 pax with 2 huge check in luggage and 2 cabin bags. Still managed to fit in by keeping one big bag on back seat. His argument was i had booked 2 check-in only. My argument is welcometaxi only asked me- how much check in luggage. So you guys need to sort your form out. Normally check in means big bags !!

Anonymous User
  03 December 2019

Excellent driver that was very helpful

Anonymous User
  28 November 2019

Very good experience

Anonymous User
  27 November 2019

Good experience with good driver

Anonymous User
  26 November 2019

The driver was great and very patient!

Moscow traffic. But that's not anyone's fault!

1 review
164.41 miles travelled
  26 November 2019

Good experience for today

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Anonymous User
  06 November 2019

Very nice


Anonymous User
  18 October 2019

The best!!

1 review
18.30 miles travelled
  14 October 2019

My driver was the best!

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1 review
21.21 miles travelled
  08 October 2019

smart experience

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1 review
28.52 miles travelled
  29 September 2019

No doubt your company should choose.


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Anonymous User
  24 September 2019

Sorry but my last experience was a desaster. All my previous experiences were excellent

the driver, he was 1h & half late. Car was not clean. I booked the trip with the toll and he didn't took the correct way, so we spent more as 1h in the traffic!

1 review
26.72 miles travelled
  23 September 2019

Thank you for the nice trip to our hotel ?

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Anonymous User
  18 September 2019


Anonymous User
  16 September 2019

Everything worked well

If I order a car in size Passat I expect not a car that is a lower category at least in terms of comfort.

Anonymous User
  11 September 2019

My experience is good


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