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Anonymous User
  06 October 2018



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34.38 miles travelled
  25 February 2018


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1 review
45.05 miles travelled
  06 January 2018

Reliable service

It is a long trip to Gatwick in a car. With our amount of baggage and children it was necessary.

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1 review
33.94 miles travelled
  10 December 2017

Great and kind man

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1 review
19.67 miles travelled
  27 November 2017


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1 review
32.67 miles travelled
  30 September 2017


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2 reviews
27.10 miles travelled
  01 September 2017

Best Route to Airport

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1 review
13.25 miles travelled
  05 May 2017

Good service

It took a long time to get to the hotel because of traffic and reparation work of several roads.

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27.10 miles travelled
  15 January 2017

Excellent service

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1 review
35.23 miles travelled
  26 September 2016

The experience was good but as soon as the driver got lost he freaked out

The driver totally lost his mind when he found out out our hotel was in a shopping mall and he couldnt find his way to the hotel. He got mad when he asked for the hotel phone number and it wasnt in our reservation. He was freaking out that he couldnt find the hotel info in google and when i finally found the info in my phone and called to the hotel, he wouldnt listen for the directions. He just dropped us off at the mall entrance with our 5 suitcases and left. In my opinion is that he should have called the hotel in advance (the taxi company had already the info) and ask for the direction. I understand the ride from the airport took 2 hours but he shouldnt have lost control and neither get mad at us for not knowing the hotel was in the shopping mall

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