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Anonymous User
  25 April 2022

Would not use

Would not use again and would not recommend to anyone. Driver showed up 30 minutes late, only after I called dispatch several times and was told, “just a few minutes longer” each time. Dispatch was very hard to understand and didn’t answer all my questions. Driver insisted he was there early but didn’t have a good answer when I asked why he left. Don’t believe the website on them having GPS or driver showing up with a sign at baggage claim. None of that happened, we had to give directions to get to our house. Car had stains on the seat backs and did not have enough room in the trunk (there was a large box in it) so one of our suitcases had to go in the front seat. Would never use again.

Anonymous User
  21 January 2019

Driver was patient, friendly and considerate.

Anonymous User
  16 January 2019

The driver needs someone to check his in the country driving skills and also highway.

The fact the driver almost made me car sick and I don't get car sick. He was off and on the gas on the back roads like he did not know how to drive. The temp in the car was very hot. The driver only thought to ask me if I minded the radio (talk radio) he has on after he had it on loudly for a while.

Anonymous User
  15 January 2019

Good experience

Anonymous User
  06 January 2019


Car was grubby

Anonymous User
  04 January 2019

The driver had perfect service for us.

Anonymous User
  04 January 2019

I asked for a child car seat, it did not have it. I played for it.

Didn't have the car seat I asked and played for.

Anonymous User
  02 January 2019

Driver was 15 min late and went to the wrong address.

Haphazard driver

Anonymous User
  25 December 2018

They didn’t take account of my flight number so weren’t there to pick me up

See above, why ask for flight number then send an email saying when you are arriving and which terminal and expect you to answer when in mid air!?

Anonymous User
  23 December 2018


Anonymous User
  22 December 2018

Great service

Nothing, everything was good

Anonymous User
  21 December 2018

Fails to meet the basic requirements of a taxi service: on-time, clean, and safe.

Our driver was 15 minutes late, brought the wrong car seat (toddler rather than infant), car seat was not installed when we were picked up, car interior was a mess, car trunk was 1/2 full with driver's own belongings

1 review
11.12 miles travelled
  29 September 2018

Cab never showed up, canceled after waiting 25 minutes. They offered me a refund.

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Anonymous User
  09 September 2018

Clean car, pleasant driver, expensive trip

Anonymous User
  06 September 2018

Pleasant and prompt

Anonymous User
  31 August 2018

Good friendly service

Anonymous User
  28 August 2018

The driver was prompt, knowledgeable and helpful.

Anonymous User
  27 August 2018

Driver was scary.

Anonymous User
  24 August 2018



Anonymous User
  21 August 2018

Driver didn't show up in time and was late. Had to cancel.

The driver was very late and dispatch could not tell us exactly where the driver was so we had to cancel the service and make other arrangements. I want my money back.

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